October 1, 2020 1:29 PM
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Dried fruit

Kokosraspel: Stürmische Zeiten voraus

MANILA. Marktteilnehmern zufolge sind die Philippinen in der Taifunsaison 2020 bisher relativ glimpflich davongekommen. Die schwersten Stürme könnten dem südostasiatischen Inselstaat allerdings noch bevorstehen.
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Dates: pest is spreading rapidly
BUSHEHR. With more than 5.5 million palm trees Bushehr Province accounts for around 13% of Iran’s date production. Cultivating dates, however, hardly pays for the farmers. Not only are labour costs on the rise but they are also confronted with many challenges as sales are difficult, water tends to be in short supply and pesticides and fertilizers are lacking. To make matters worse, the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychidae urticae) is spreading rapidly in the orchards this year. Farmers are highly concerned that production will be heavily damaged in terms of quantity and quality.
Dried apricots: curious shift in prices
MALATYA. As raw dried apricot supplies are nearly sold out prices have taken a rather curious turn in the export market. Turkey is still to issue official production estimates and speculations are rife as to when this will happen. Harvesting has, meanwhile, started.
Sultanas: buyers demand lower prices
MANISA. Traders in Turkey report that overseas buyers demand lower sultana prices - without success so far. The TMO's intentions remain unclear with rumours running wild. Although exports have picked up in recent weeks, the total volumes exported this season so far still fall well short on last year.
Dried figs: rain to prevent drought
AYDIN. Rain has finally been forecast in Aydin, which will certainly benefit the fig trees after weeks of extremely dry weather conditions. Farmers now hope that this will prevent a drought, which would be extremely damaging to production. Prices have, in addition, shifted.
Cashews: prices continue to rise
HANOI. The prospect of a smaller crop in Vietnam and the horrendous freight costs are causing export prices for cashew kernels to increase further. Overall, however, exports are going well.
Almonds: US exports set new record
MADRID/SACRAMENTO. Last week, the Spanish Almond and Hazelnut Exporters Association (SAB-Almendrave) held its sixth annual meeting. The focus was on the prospects for the 2021 almond crop in the main growing countries.
Walnuts: exports defy container shortage
SACRAMENTO/SANTIAGO. Container shortages are a massive problem at present. Walnut exports have, nevertheless, bounced back in the US and in Chile. Prospects are, however, not quite as encouraging in terms of production. This year's production is set to fall short of last year's record, which is now estimated at 783,754 short tons. This has also impacted spot market prices in Europe.
Hazelnuts: market taken aback by nominal recovery of Turkish lira
ORDU. After weeks in which the Turkish lira remained weak, the market has now witnessed a rather unexpected turn. Signs of economic recovery have given the local currency a lift. Bookings in the toursim industry are, for instance, much better than expected. Not all players in the hazelnut market are, however, happy about this. Many even fear that they may incur heavy losses.
Dried figs: prices are simply too high
TEHRAN. After disaster struck last year when the pandemic brought trading to a near standstill dried fig exports have bounced back in Iran. Traders are, however, not quite satisfied. Issue is that prices are simply too high. The Ministry of Agriculture has also issued new production data.
Raisins: exports more than double
TEHRAN. Iran exported 14,376 mt of raisins between 20 March and 20 April, meaning that the volumes shipped have more than doubled on April 2020 when the pandemic first struck. Traders report that international demand has certainly bounced back. With exports kicking in the market is now, however, confronted with another challenge.
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