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Earthquake: everyone can help

February 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM , Der AUDITOR
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SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has devastated our team. Action is required and we would like to introduce two small organisation that provide direct local support in Turkey.

Dear Mundus Agri Members,  

We have great friends and partners in Turkey and would like to show some solidarity by calling attention to the people who have lost their relatives, friends and neighbours and their belongings. In these difficult times it is important that the world stands united and demonstrates solidarity with the people who depend on our help. The situation Turkey and Syria are confronted with is terrible. Friends and relatives have lost their houses and been buried alive. Children have died and people are screaming for help. The pain the victims and survivors have to struggle with is unimaginable.

We have decided to take action by encouraging our network to support people in need. Every penny you donate directly helps people who have lost everything.

Please let us introduce two small organisations that provide direct and efficient aid to people in places hit by the quake.
1) Help For Pazarcik

Help For Pazarcik is a Swiss association dedicated to providing rapid and effective assistance to people affected by the earthquake in Turkey. Around 70,000 people live in the Pazarcik region 50 km north of Gaziantep in Turkey, which was severely hit by the quake. The destruction is immense and the association works with local organisations that have set up emergency assistance. Food is, for instance, being cooked in the cantine of the local textile company Özdal Çuval A.Ş., where rescue workers are also distributing water, clothes and blankets as well as other things required. To finance this aid Elif Göretas, a lawyer based in Mannheim and niece of the company owner, is collecting donations and transferring them directly to the textile company in Pazarcik.

My name is Jakob. I know the Göretas family very well and am a close friend of Murat Göretas, who explained that it is very difficult to transfer money into areas affected by the quake as locals cannot use ATMs. Systems such as Western Union can also not operate due to the destruction. The entire infrastructure has been disrupted in the crisis region. Help For Pazarcik has, therefore, decided to directly transfer money to Özdal Çuval A.Ş.

We are convinced that this enables funds to be used quickly and efficiently on the ground and perhaps we can give the people confronted with this horrible situation some hope together as Mundus Agri.

Please visit to donate or use the following bank details:

Recipient: Association HelpForPazarcik 
IBAN: CH97 8080 8006 4819 9018 4
Purpose of transfer: Mundus Agri - Donation Earthquake Turkey 2023/Name/Address 

Spokesperson: Mehmet Saklican + 0041 798 333 714
Languages: German, English, France, Turkish

2) Ahbap

Ahpab is a Turkish cooperation movement that aims to provide all kinds of aid to people in need including cash and other benefits, to strengthen society's awareness of cooperation and to create contemporary and sustainable networks of cooperation and solidarity as well as to protect local culture and society.

Please visit to donate.


Thank you for your time and consideration. Several people and organisations are trying to save lives, comfort survivors and set up accommodation, distribute food and clear away debris. The challenges are tough and all these people and organisations deserve your support. My heartfelt condolences go out to everyone affected by the earthquake.

„Remember your humanity and forget the rest“ (Bertrand Russell) 


Jakob Megow  

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