August 27, 2020 11:19 AM
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Dried fruit

Desiccated coconuts: curfew in Manila leads to domino effect

MANILA. Although the situation in the Philippines continues to improve, coconut processors still face difficulties. This causes a high volatility of prices.

This report contains:
- a market update on the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka
- the latest prices for desiccated coconuts in the European spot market
price chart, desiccated coconuts, Sri Lanka
price chart, desiccated coconuts, Indonesia
price chart, desiccated coconuts, Philippines 
price chart, coconut oil, Indonesia
price charts

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Dried figs: prices are simply too high
TEHRAN. After disaster struck last year when the pandemic brought trading to a near standstill dried fig exports have bounced back in Iran. Traders are, however, not quite satisfied. Issue is that prices are simply too high. The Ministry of Agriculture has also issued new production data.
Raisins: exports more than double
TEHRAN. Iran exported 14,376 mt of raisins between 20 March and 20 April, meaning that the volumes shipped have more than doubled on April 2020 when the pandemic first struck. Traders report that international demand has certainly bounced back. With exports kicking in the market is now, however, confronted with another challenge.
Pistachios: suppliers do not stand a chance
TEHRAN. Iran’s pistachio suppliers do not stand a chance in the international market this year. Not only has frost severely impacted production but inventories are also running low. The US sanctions are also not exactly helpful. These are, however, not the only problems.
Prunes: supply bottlenecks seem inevitable
SANTIAGO. As the crops in the main growing countries are all smaller than hoped for this season, traders are desperately looking for alternative options. However, these come at a high price.
Walnuts: smaller crops in the USA and Chile
SACRAMENTO/SANTIAGO. The US achieved a record walnut production of just over 707,000 mt in 2020, but a repeat of this is not to be expected for 2021. Chile's crop estimates were also reduced.
Peanuts: adverse weather conditions delay US sowing
ATLANTA. Sowing in the USA is delayed because it is too dry in some growing regions, while other states are affected by cold temperatures and heavy rainfalls. Exports, however, look pretty good.
Dried figs: encouraging export figures
AYDIN. Total exports since the beginning of the season have now almost reached the level of last year. However, the situation becomes difficult for traders as there are hardly any goods from the old crop available and it is still too early to provide information on the new crop.
Dried apricots: prices increase significantly
MALATYA. As there are almost no more goods available on the market, the prices for Turkish dried apricots are rising noticeably. In the meantime, the sale of the first fresh apricots of the new crop has started.
Sultanas: TMO intervention remains uncertain
MANISA. Sultana traders in Turkey will be forced to adapt to the market situation sooner rather than later. Issue is that production prospects are highly encouraging and that the state still holds large carry-over stocks. The market can at best speculate on when exactly the TMO will intervene.
Cashews: sheer incredible exports give rise to speculations
HANOI/NEW DELHI. Cambodia shipped an incredibly high volume of 836,000 mt raw cashew nuts to Vietnam between January and April as the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) reports. Total shipments from Cambodia to Vietnam, by contrast, ranged at a much lower 219,000 mt in 2020. Although Vietnam has indeed drastically stepped up imports, this cannot fully explain the sharp rise in shipments from Cambodia. Prices have taken a rather surprising turn in Europe. Traders are hoping for a sustained recovery in India, where the devastating surge in Covid-19 infections basically brought parts of the market to a standstill.
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