How to advertise with Dedere

Ostentus“ is Dedere AG’s online advertising service. Companies have the possibility to advertise their services, products, brands and more within the Dedere Universe. For each advertising campaign, the customer chooses a limited budget. Dedere will position the advertisement at those Dedere platforms which have most likely the highest traffic rate within the customer’s target group. This insures the customer, that a high percentage of clicks will be generated by potential business partners.
A short overview of Ostentus
Individual and Professional
Make use of the professionally designed standard formats of the Dedere AG to display your individual advertisement.
Full Cost Control
You set the price for your campaign and only pay for unique clicks and openings.
More than Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Exclusive pay-per-click marketing is a thing of the past. We have taken things a step further. You not only see the click rate your advertisements generate but also receive a detailed evaluation of the click behaviour.
Targeted Placement
Profit from the IT expertise of the Dedere AG. Your advertisements will automatically be published target-oriented in selected Dedere platforms.
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The focus of the Dedere AG guarantees the success of the campaigns. This special focus on food commodities ensures that advertising campaigns displayed on Dedere will exclusively target the audience, which is active in the food industry. “Ostentus” is an effective means to ensure that companies really reach the customers interested in their products.
Professional advertising campaigns can easily be individually designed. An editor is used to create campaigns and set the prices for the advertisements. Specially designed standard formats are available. The programme differentiates between page views, unique clicks and openings. The prices are set accordingly. “Ostentus” not only offers pay-per-click marketing but also a detailed evaluation of the click behaviour. The in-house IT expertise ensures that advertisements are automatically published target-oriented in selected Dedere platforms.

How to start your advertising campaign
Screenshot of the form for setting up new campaigns
Standard banner sizes and layout examples designed by Dedere
Sample banners
Sample banners
Sample banners
Sample banners
Perhaps you don’t have the time or means to design your own banner?
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