Quinoa, white

Food, Grain
EXW €1.90/kg

21031 Hamburg, Germany

Product features
Product Packaging
25kg sack
1 25kg sack (25 kg)
115 Delivery units (2,875 kg)
Minimum purchase
30 Delivery units (750 kg)
Loading/pick-up time:
May 30, 2023 - Aug 31, 2023
Payment conditions
Advance payment
Additional description
Phosphonsäure über BNN, daher Verkauf als konventionelles Quinoa.

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BIO VO (EU) 834/2007
The EU-Eco regulation regulates the agricultural production, processing and preparation of food and feed. In addition to this, the labelling and advertising for ecological food is regulated here.
Demeter stands for biodynamic operation methods. The guidelines exceed those stated in the EU-Eco regulation and are based on the foundation of anthroposophical and scientific insights regarding man and nature.
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