Soybean oil, refined

Food, Oils
CIF $945.00/Ton
CIF €887.574/Ton

400080 Mumbai, India

Unfortunately, the offer has expired.
Product features
Product Packaging
1000kg Flexitank
5,000 1000kg Flexitank (5,000,000 kg)
12 Delivery units (60,000,000 kg)
Minimum purchase
1 Delivery unit (5,000,000 kg)
Loading/pick-up time:
Oct 9, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Payment conditions
Letter of credit
Additional description
We deliver CIF and have a minimum quantity of 500 tons per month with a 12-month contract. Our soybean oil is of high quality, and we guarantee its freshness and purity. In addition, we offer a reliable and efficient CIF delivery service, ensuring that the product arrives in the best condition at its destination. *Price varies based on quantity ordered: -Between 4000MT to 5000MT per month; Price is $945/FlexiTank or $1,1095 PET 1/5/20L
-Between 2000MT to 4000MT per month; Price is $970/FlexiTank or $1,120 PET 1/5/20L
-Between 500MT to 2000MT per month; Price is $995/FlexiTank or $1,145 PET 1/5/20L
*Prices for crude oil also available