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Buckwheat, hulled, 99.9% purity

Food, Grain
Enquiry Details
25kg sack
Incoterm / freight terms:
Requested quantity:
100000 kg
Place of loading:
, Japan
Delivery period from:
January 1, 2023
Delivery period till:
February 28, 2023
Payment conditions:
Cash against documents
Additional description
Major Japan buckwheat importer looking for Europe-origin Buckwheat (hulled, unroasted)
Specs: 99.9% MIN purity, 14% target moisture; green kernel color desired
Destination: CIF Osaka/Kobe/Yokohama/Tokyo; FOB is OK too
Payment: 100% CAD (L/C may be offered for very low priced offers)
Quantity: 1~2 FCL test shipment, total target 100MT+
*Pricing must be sharp to compete with China & Russia-origin product
*Sample required before contracts can be offered