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Peanuts, blanched, 40/50, Bold

Food, Nuts
Unfortunately, you cannot send an offer any more, the enquiry of the company Alborz International Import-Export & Consulting GmbH has expired since on 2/3/23.
Enquiry Details
25kg sack
Incoterm / freight terms:
Requested quantity:
27000 kg
Place of loading:
Bandar Abbas, Iran
Delivery period from:
January 23, 2023
Delivery period till:
March 31, 2023
Payment conditions:
Payment 10 days after delivery of goods
Additional description
Origin: China or Argentina

Packing in 25 kgs (preferably vaccumed composite bags)
Purity 99%
Oil content min 49 %
Humidity max 5%
Expiration date from date of production: 1 Year phytosanitary certificate (esp. insects and aflatoxin)