Cumin: acreage significantly expanded

July 27, 2020 10:36 AM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Cumin has established itself as an easy-care and high-yielding crop, so the acreage in Iran has been increased for the coming season. However, processing and packaging pose problems.

High yields with little effort

The lack of water resources and urgently needed income are leading to the increased cultivation of medicinal plants such as cumin in Iran. It is characterized by high yields, an above-average profit margin and good resistance to drought and is considered one of the most important medicinal plants. In Iran, green cumin is known as "green gold" due to its medicinal properties and economic efficiency. Easy to handle in cultivation and care, the biggest problem of the cumin farmers becomes obvious after the harvest, because there is a considerable lack of processing and packaging possibilities.

Prices continue to decline

In the growing province of Semnan the average yield is about 1 mt/ha and last year a total of 920 metric tonnes of cumin was harvested there. A large part of this is used nationally and internationally for the spice industry and in the pharmaceutical sector. This year the area under cultivation in Semnan has been extended by a further 420 ha.

Cumin prices have fallen by about 6% compared to last month, which is mainly due to the devaluation of the Iranian rial as well as to lower exports due to the coronavirus pandemic. Cumin, grade A currently costs EUR 9.75 per kg FOB Iran.

Black cumin, dried, Iran



Premium grade


Grade A


Grade B


FOB Iran, *quantity 1 mt

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