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Toilet paper: producers are operating at full capacity

March 25, 2020 9:07 AM, Der AUDITOR
Panic buying is a big problem in Germany. @German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP)
Panic buying is a big problem in Germany. @German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP)
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FRANKFURT. As panic buying is taking its toll on the supermaket shelves toilet paper has become the new white gold in Europe. For new customers it is basically impossible to purchase toilet papar directly from the manufacturers. Their priority are existing customers.

On being interviewed by Mundus Agri, many of toilet paper manufacturers stated they are not taking on new customers. The existing capacities are exclusively reserved for existing customers such as supermarket and drugstore chains. SCA (Zewa, Tempo, Tork, Edet and others), for instance, sees no possibility to provide the market with additional "white gold". Other manufacturers in Germany, such as Fripa and Werra Papier also declines new customers. Overseas buyers have to contend with long processing times due to high demand.

Broadcaster ZDF interviews Essity in Mannheim, Germany

Essity is a aleading hygiene and health company. Roger Schilling, Essity plant manager in Mannheim, tells ZDF that they "...have increased production. Measures that were in the planning have been postponed to keep production up and running continuously". When asked why the shelves are empty, Schilling replies: "We deliver more, we produce more. Our retail partners supply more to their shelves. But as soon as the toilet paper is on the shelves, it is immiediately sold off - due to panic buying."

Essity is well prepared for the event of a member of staff falling ill with the coronavirus. "Should we have a coronavirus case, despite all the precautions we have taken, we can fall back on our shift workers in reserve. We have also taken precautions on the raw material side. Our warehouses are full, fresh supplies are available and our suppliers have assure us that they can continue to provide us with enough raw materials." Schilling concludes that "if everyone buys normally, there is always enough for everyone at any time. We all just have to stop hoarding toilet paper."As ZDF reports, the German Pulp and Paper Association has also confirmed that there is no shortage of toilet paper at the moment.

ZDF heute, 23.03.2020

Mundus Agri is dedicated to reporting a clear picture of the international food and feed commodity market. We would like to hear your experiences. Please contact if you would like to share your experiences in dealing with the coronavirus crisis and how panic buying is impacting your country.

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