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Buckwheat: acreage in Ukraine declines by 10%

June 29, 2022 12:03 PM, Der AUDITOR
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BEIJING/KYIV. In Ukraine, buckwheat sowing declined by 10% year-on-year. Meanwhile, prices in the Chinese market are increasing due to lower availability.

Prices increase

In the Chinese buckwheat market, stocks are increasingly declining. Traders are taking advantage of this to raise prices again after they had fallen temporarily in May. Domestic processors are partly covering their demand with imported goods. The further price trend also depends on the development of the new crop. Currently, Chinese buckwheat, hulled, is offered for USD 1,280/mt FOB Dalian; prices for organic quality are at USD 1,360/mt FOB.

In Ukraine, sowing for this year's buckwheat production has now been completed. According to the Ukrai

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