Chickpeas: demand leaves much to be desired

August 15, 2022 at 11:20 AM , Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI/OTTAWA. Demand for Indian chickpeas is currently lower than usual at this time of the year, and traders are not reaping the profits they had hoped for despite rising prices. In Canada, the crop is likely to be smaller than hoped.

Government does not release stocks

Continuing the trend of the last few weeks, Indian chickpea prices have again climbed by USD 20/mt compared to last week. However, the demand situation could be better, because while buying interest in the north Indian states is usually quite high at this time due to various holidays, it leaves much to be desired this year. Demand from south India has been good in recent weeks, but is now shifting more to products like chickpea flour. Stockists are also very unhappy with the current situation because although prices are trending u

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