Chickpeas: smaller crop and lower imports

April 19, 2022 2:54 PM, Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. The prospect of a low crop due severe damage in Maharashtra, as well as a decline in imports from Sudan, means that less goods than hoped for are available this season. This is pushing prices steadily higher.

High freight costs lead to lower imports

After chickpea prices had already climbed noticeably in the past weeks, the upward trend continues - compared to last week, there were further price increases of USD 10/mt. The most important price driver is probably the prospect of a smaller crop, which is expected to be around 1.5 million mt. Originally, growers had hoped for more, but high crop damage, especially in the growing regions of Maharashtra, has significantly reduced the yield. In addition, significantly less raw materials are imported from growing countries such as Sudan, mainly due to high freight costs. As a result, the overall availability is noticeably lower than in the last two years, so it does not look like there will be any price reductions for the time being. Currently, export prices for Indian chickpeas, 42-44 (12 mm) are at USD 1,410/mt FOB India.

Chickpeas, India



42-44 (12 mm)


44-46 (11 mm)


46-48 (10 mm)


58-60 (9 mm)


60-62 (8 mm)


62-64 (<8 mm)


FOB India

No exports from Russia and Turkey

There are further restrictions on the international market. For example, market players report that no chickpeas of the Kabuli variety are currently being exported from Russia due to the war. Turkey also stopped exporting some agricultural products last month, including various pulses such as chickpeas and dried beans, but also oils and oilseeds as well as cereals. This is to stabilise the domestic market and avoid massive price surges. This results in price increases in countries that continue to offer chickpeas, such as India and Canada.

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price chart, chickpeas, 42/44, India
price chart, chickpeas, 44/46, India
price chart, chickpeas, 46/48, India
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