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Corn: Too good to be true?

November 14, 2016 at 1:12 PM , Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA. Corn from Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular, especially in Europe. But the farmers are starting to voice concerns. Will Bulgaria be able to continue its success story or is disaster about to strike?

Crop concerns
Local farmers have so far reaped approximately 95% of the total acreage as compared to 87% of the same period last year. Collected quantities currently exceed last year by as much as 10.8% and production is estimated at 5.270kg/ha, which is an 10.8% increase as compared to last year. But there are farmers, who are voicing concerns. The problem is the dry weather in July, which did not permit the crop to reach full potential. It remains to be seen in how far this year’s crop will exceed last year's or if their concerns will prove to be true.

Popular in Europe
Bulgarian corn has nevertheless become a major export commodity, with European countries being the leading destinations. Exports have so far amounted to approximately 341.540 mt. Corn is mainly used as feedstuff in the domestic market and domestic consumption has now reached 117.000 mt. Corn is currently trading for 0.143 EUR/kg CPT domestic port.


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