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Hazelnuts: 2020 hard facts and figures

August 24, 2020 at 8:01 AM, Der AUDITOR
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The most important data provided in a clearly structured Excel file containing production volumes, import and export data and price observations.

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-Global production data for individual top producing countries (2016/2017-2020/2021)
-Import and export data for Germany (2017-2019)
-2006-2020 weekly price observations for hazelnuts kernels, natural, 11/13 mm (>740 prices)
-2006-2020 weekly price observations for hazelnut meal, natural (>740 prices)
-2006-2020 weekly price observations for hazelnut kernels, diced, blanched (>740 prices)
-2006-2020 weekly price observations for hazelnut paste, medium (>740 prices)



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