Hazelnuts: Buyers’ paradise

March 6, 2017 at 12:35 PM , Der AUDITOR
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ORDU. Promising crop conditions and abundant carry-over supplies have rendered Turkey a paradise for speculators.

Buyers in Europe are not only profiting from the expected large supplies in 2016/17, which are pressurising the market, but also from the exchange rate. This is crop is promising and the carry-over supplies are abundant. Since the Turkish Lira gave way last week the export prices have also dropped. Market participants reckon that demand is surprisingly strong for this time of year. Turkey is on average exporting more than 5,000 mt every week.

Cheap offers

Processed hazelnuts (diced, meal etc.) for shipments in 2017/18 can currently be purchased way below the actual price level. It should, however, be noticed that hazelnuts from the old crop are frequently offered as compounds later in the season. Traders state that contracts made at this time of year have often turned out to be the very expensive for the suppliers if the price development for the new season was too optimistically estimated.

Turkish hazelnut kernels



natural, 11-13 mm 


diced, 2-4 mm 


meal, 0-2 mm 


hazelnut paste


DDP Germany



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