Hazelnuts: Problems in Turkey

March 3, 2017 at 11:32 AM , Der AUDITOR
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ORDU. Turkey has a problem. The right of succession stipulating that orchards can solely be passed on to the next generation have caused many orchards to be divided into smaller lots.

It has consequently become highly unattractive to cultivate inherited orchards. They are simply too small to feed entire families.

Many have, in addition, moved into the towns where they can find better work. Their orchards are left unattended. The Turkish government now plans to support young farmers with subsidies of EUR 8,000-13,000. In addition, the introduction of a basic price is also being considered for 2017/18. The last time such a measure was effected in the Turkish hazelnut market was seven years ago.

Turkish hazelnut kernels



natural, 11-13 mm 


diced, 2-4 mm 


meal, 0-2 mm 


hazelnut paste


DDP Germany

 The pressure is increasing

It is in vain that the farmers are hoping for higher raw nut prices of 14-15 TRY/kg. Over the last few weeks the price has remained stable at 10 TRY/kg. The promising crop conditions have continued to pressurise the market. Moreover, the export prices have dropped this week, although exports have increased.

Hazelnut exports









since the beginning of the season


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