Hazelnuts: new season to start without carry-over stocks

March 30, 2020 12:14 PM, Der AUDITOR
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ORDU. Market players reckon that there will be no carry-over stocks for hazelnus this season. At the same time, the fist reference prices for the 2020 crop are circulating in the market.

Frost damage must be evaluated

Experts are convinced that Turkey will start the new season without carry-overs. Around 250,000 metric tonnes of hazelnuts without shell have been exported this season so far. Although in-shell annual domestic consumption normally ranges at 80,000-120,000 metric tonnes, the closures of restaurants and tea houses will put a dent on the figure this year. As demand is on the rise in the Far East overseas shipments have remained on a stable level so far. Shipment to Italy are epxetced to decline in the new season.

Prodcution is currently estimated at 600,000 metric tonnes. Frost has,however, damaged around 5-20% in Giresund, where intial estimates ranged at 5%. Frost remains a factor to be considered over the next few weeks. There are no negative reports from Azerbaijan and Georgia so far. Although it is far too early for frost estimates in Italy, there are unconfirmed rumours of frost circulating in the market. This year's production will most certainly be smaller here than last year.

New crop ranges on a similar price level

The prices on offer for the new crop range on a similar level as the current prices for the 2019 crop in Turkey. Demand is subdued and traders reckon that decisions will be deferred as long as possible. The farmers may, however, be more dependent on income around harvest time and will most probably refrain from withholding their products if the bid prices are acceptable. However, the government wants to ensure that producers are fairly remunerated and will take appropriate measures. For the time being, the weak lira and uncertainties in the market are frequently prompting nominal shifts in export prices. Some market players are selling their stocks, which may temporarily put the market under pressure.

Hazelnuts, Turkey



Natural, 11-13 mm


Diced, 2-4 mm


Meal, 0-2 mm


Hazelnut paste


DDP Germany


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