Hazelnuts: suppliers issue prices for new crop in Georgia

June 29, 2020 9:32 AM, Der AUDITOR
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ORDU. Attention is now exclusively centred on the new hazelnut crop. As official prices have not yet been issued, the prices on offer differ considerably.

Official estimates differ widely

Official estimates state that Turkey will produce 620,000 metric tonnes thsi year. While the TMO and market leader Ferrero have so far failed to issue prices for the new crop farmgate prices range at TRY 20-23 per kg. Although cheaper offers are available, these are deemed to be too risky. Export prices also vary considerably by EUR 0.50-0.60 per kg depending on supplier. Buyers are only purchasing small volumes for the first few months of the new season and mainly prefer to wait and see.

Prices bottom out

Despite a lack of buying interest, the farmgate prices for the 2019 crop have bottomed out at 40 TRY/kg. Although prices have remained relatively firm at the commodity exchanges, nominal declines have been witnessed in the export market.

Hazelnuts, Turkey



Natural, 11-13 mm


Diced, 2-4 mm


Meal, 0-2 mm


Hazelnut paste


DDP Germany

The prices for the new crop in Georgia

According to INC estimates, production is expected to rise by nearly a third to 50,000 metric tonnes in Georgia. Natural shelled hazelnuts, size 11-13 mm, are trading at USD 7.00 per kg DAP Germany and 13-15 mm at around USD 7.10 per kg. Roasted hazelnut meal is trading at USD 6.00 per kg DAP Germany, diced and roasted hazelnut kernels at USD 6.50 per kg DAP Germany.

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