Macadamias: good prospects for Australia's crop

February 20, 2023 at 3:28 PM , Der AUDITOR
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CANBERRA. If unforeseen weather adversities do not throw another spanner in the works, growers can hope for a bigger crop than last year. There is, however, the issue of the global crises and rising production costs.

New plantings in Bundaberg

In its latest report, the Australian Macadmia Society (AMS) released projected crop estimates for 2023, which it forecasts to be 60,000 mt of inshell macadamias (3.5% moisture content), significantly higher than the 2022 crop, when 52,974 mt were harvested. The new estimate is on the basis of a climate-based forecast using scientific modelling by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Regional variations also came to light, as Clare Hamilton-Bate, CEO of the AMS, reports. The most important growing region, Bundaberg, could show further growth, mainly due to numerous new plantings.

Early forecast

“However, it’s still very early days, and there is a degree of uncertainty about the 2023 crop, including the impact varied weather conditions during flowering may have on crop size in different regions,” said Ms Hamilton-Bate. In addition, the global economic crises and rising production costs are putting enormous pressure on growers and the industry as a whole. The model-based forecast will be further adjusted in the coming months as harvest begins, and the AMS will publish an updated crop report mid-season in May/June.

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