Pecans: farmers increase acreage

April 19, 2023 at 4:56 PM , Der AUDITOR
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ATLANTA. To counter the shortage that recurs annually towards the end of the season, US pecan farmers are expanding their acreage. Most pecans are consumed in the USA, but Asia and Europe are also important markets.

Goods are always in short supply

In the southern US, pecan growers have started to apply fertiliser to their trees. The treatment is easier as long as the trees do not have too many leaves; currently they are starting to green up, so farmers are taking advantage of the hour. Once the trees are fully in leaf, the process will be much slower, according to Pecan Report. New planting for this season is also almost complete, with only a few farmers still planting new trees at the moment. It makes sense to increase the area under cultivation, as stocks always run low during the season and there are no more nuts available at the end of the season. Only a few shelling companies stock up with such large quantities that they can sell until the end. The farmers see this as a great opportunity and are planting more new trees.

Increased marketing in Germany

The biggest consumer of pecans is still the USA - most US deliveries are domestic, namely about 70-80%. For exports, Asia tops the list, closely followed by Europe, which has already been an important export market for decades. US shipments to both markets have increased in recent years, suffering only a temporary setback due to the trade war with China. In Europe, the American Pecan Council has recently increased marketing in Germany to generate higher demand here, according to Pecan Report.

Meanwhile, prices on the European spot market have declined in recent weeks. Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves from the USA currently cost EUR 10.55/kg FCA Spain.


Type, origin


Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves, USA


Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves, Argentina


FCA Spain

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