Pecans: farmers and producers are satisfied

June 15, 2020 at 2:27 PM, Der AUDITOR
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ATLANTA. For pecan nut producers in the USA the current season is very satisfactory. Both buyers and sellers are very active and are preparing for an increasing demand on the pecan market.

Improved marketing

After farmers and processors had complained for years that marketing efforts were lagging far behind those for almonds and walnuts, marketing via the American Pecan Council and social networks increased noticeably last year. This is also clearly visible on the market.

Stable prices and good sales

Deliveries by pecan nut growers to processors are currently 6% higher than last year, according to Pecan Report. Market players report that sales exceed the record level of last season and that an above-average number of long-term contracts were concluded. The outlook for the new crop is also promising, according to Georgia pecan growers. Despite the trade war and the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, prices have remained stable, largely due to the fact that, although production had to be adjusted, it was consistently maintained. Shelled Junior Mammoth pecans currently cost EUR 10.70 per kg FCA Spain on the European spot market.

Pecans, USA



Peeled, large pieces


Peeled, medium pieces


Peeled, Junior Mammoth


FCA Spain

Future remains uncertain

Despite the good situation, pecan nut farmers are concerned that the coronavirus pandemic could cause greater damage in the long term. Deliveries are still holding up and have even increased, but in the retail sector demand has already decreased and as possible further local lockdowns in the USA have already been announced, the situation remains difficult to predict at the moment.

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