Pecans: US shellers rely on shipments from Mexico

January 12, 2022 at 12:58 PM , Der AUDITOR
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ATLANTA. The Pecan Promotion Board intends to change the market considerably. For instance, the board is playing with the idea of introducing a tariff for imports from Mexico to the USA. As demand is high the market certainly has enormous potential.

Growth anticipated

Although the trade dispute between the USA and China prompted a deline in US pecan exports, shipments have now picked up again. Domestic consumption, however, still ranges much higher than exports. According to Pecan Report this growth is largely attributed to the work done by the American Pecan Council (APC). Although the market is expected to grow further, logistics certainly present a problem. Port congestions will continue to cause delays in 2022.

The APC's American Pecan Promotion Board, in addition, intends to impose import tariffs on shipments from Mexico to improve funding for marketing. Shellers in the US, nevertheless, intend to step up imports from Mexico this year. While US production is currently estimated at 300 million lbs (more than 136,000 mt), shellers intend to import a similar volume from Mexico to meet high demand. Spot market prices in Europe have risen over the last few weeks with US Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves quoted at USD 13.99/kg (EUR 12.40/kg).

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