Pistachios: exports bounce back

July 13, 2020 12:44 PM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Although coronavirus related restrictions have prompted an enormous setback for Iran’s pistachio market this season, exports have most certainly bounced back. Now other problems are, however, showing up.

Monthly exports nearly 125% up on two years ago

Iran’s pistachio exports climbed to 9,841 metric tonnes last month, i.e. between 20 May and 20 June. This presents a 6.9% rise over the preceding month when overseas shipments ranged at 9,209 metric tonnes. The gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions in the global market and attractive prices have boosted exports to the Far East, India and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Exports are also 134% up on the 4,205 metric tonnes shipped overseas in the same period last year. Since 2018/2019 was, however, an off year in terms of production inventories were lower and a comparison to the same period two years ago is more representative. Curiously, however, exports are also 124.5% up on May/June two years ago, which shows the enormous impact the easing of coronavirus related restrictions has.

Politics to blame for negative impact on exports

However, it should be noted that only 106,787 metric tonnes of pistachios have been shipped since the beginning of the season in October. This is a 13.4% decline on the same period two years ago when exports ranged at 123,241 metric tonnes. Rather than holding the coronavirus to blame market players state that other factors such as the establishment of currency return laws have a negative impact on exports. On the plus side, however, the return rate of shipments due to pesticide residues has been cut.

Prices continue to decline

Buyers continue to profit from attractive prices. The loss in value of the Iranian rial against other currencies has prompted further price declines over the last two weeks. Akbari pistachios are most notably trading EUR 0-40-0.42 per kg lower. Other varieties are trading EUR 0.33-0.39 per kg lower.

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Ahmad Aghaei, 22-24


Ahmad Aghaei, 24-26


Akbari, 20-22


Akbari, 22-24


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Kale Ghucci, 24-26


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Fandoghi, 32-34


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*Please note that the prices indicated her apply to an order volume of 1 metric tonne. Suppliers may offer lower prices for higher volumes.


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