Pistachios: harvest starts early

September 5, 2022 at 11:41 AM , Der AUDITOR
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DAMGHAN. Heat and other climatic conditions prompted the farmers in Damghan county in Iran’s Semnan province to start harvesting pistachios one week earlier. Traders reckon that production will decline sharply.

50% decline in production

The local agricultural organisation estimates that pistachios are grown on 16,900 ha, of which 15,000 ha are fertile. Since around 21,000 mt of fresh pistachios will be harvested dried pistachio production should range at 7,000 mt, which is 50% down on last year. Harvesting started in mid-August and will continue until mid-October. As the early varieties produced in Damghan are mainly consumed fresh in the domestic and international markets the industry profits from rapid financial turnover and is able to employ more people.

Damghan’s pistachios tend to be free of chemical toxins as the farmers do not employ chemical fertilisers. Another distinctive factor is that the county is one of the first pistachio growing regions in the world and many trees are very old. Production apparently still holds great potential as the local agricultural organisation reckons that it may jump to 100,000 mt in 2025. That is, if everything goes to plan.

Limited supplies

Prospects are, however, far less encouraging for Iran’s total output, especially since the climate change has impacted production in recent years. Preliminary studies suggest that recent rains and flood have impacted this year’s dried pistachio production by 10-15%, exact estimates will, however, only be possible at the end of September. This is also when the market will set the final prices. Trouble is also that last year’s production declined sharply and as prices were high only the amounts needed for consumption were processed. Suppliers report that no processed pistachios are left in the warehouses and that most volumes have either been consumed or exported.

Firm prices

While prices have declined steadily since June in the domestic market, the opposite is the case in the export market. Hopes of a revival of Iran’s nuclear deal have driven up the value of the Iranian rial and prompted export prices to rise until the end of August. The market is, however, firm at present.

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*Please note that these reference prices apply to an order volume of 1 mt. Prices may range lower for higher volumes.


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