Pistachios: larger acreage despite water shortage

July 27, 2020 3:11 PM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Enlarged cultivation areas are causing problems with regard to water shortage in Iran. Due to exports difficulties, traders are sitting on large overstock supplies.

Search for new irrigation methods goes on

Every year, the area of pistachio plantations in Iran is expanded by about 7,000 ha. According to the Iranian Pistachio Association, about 180,000 metric tonnes of pistachios will be harvested this year on an area of 400,000 ha, in addition to about 100,000 metric tonnes of overstock supplies that could not be exported so far. However, the increase in cultivation also increases the problem of water scarcity, for which the farmers have not yet found an adequate solution. However, the development of new irrigation methods seems to be making progress.

More difficult trading conditions

Around 5 million people are currently employed in the pistachio industry in Iran; jobs that are threatened by the coronavirus pandemic. Currency problems make trade even more difficult, which is why Iran has been experiencing a marked decline in export figures since 2018. In addition, more and more farmers are struggling because the yield is relatively low compared to the effort required. Although the producers in the province of Kerman are able to convince with higher crop yields, they have so far kept the knowledge and possibilities that lead to this for themselves.

The export prices for Akbari and Fandoghi pistachios have nominally risen by around 2.2 to 2.8% in recent weeks. The price for Akbari pistachios, 20-22, is currently at EUR 6.54 per kg FOB Iran.

Pistachios, Iran



Ahmad Aghaei, 22-24


Ahmad Aghaei, 24-26


Akbari, 20-22


Akbari, 22-24


Kale Ghuchi, 22-24


Kale Ghucci, 24-26


Fandoghi, 30-32


Fandoghi, 32-34


FOB Iran, *quantity 1 mt

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