Walnuts: Disaster is about to strike

October 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM , Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA. Bulgarian walnuts tend to be of particularly high quality. This year’s hopes have, however, been shattered since the crop is proving to be a disaster.

High quality in Bulgaria
Although Bulgaria does not rank among the top international producers and exporters of walnuts, the quality of the different varieties has always set it apart. Local farmers claim that is because of the climate, others say - it is the rich soil. Overall, it is the rich fat content of the local kernels that render them particularly delicious. Foreign buyers, who look for quality and taste, pay the premium.


Shattered hopes
However, this year’s expectations have been shattered. As a big producer explains: “Looked at from the outside, the shells of the current crop are good looking. But, when cracked, the kernels are not fully matured. There are fresh and crispy kernels, but not many!” Such disappointing complaints are quite common. Yet, what is worse is the fact that the majority of walnut growers, some of whom own orchards of more than 150 ha, share the same view. Facing an increasing demand for quality kernels, while offering a much lower supply than 2015, local farmers of organic and conventional walnuts are able to maintain high prices.

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