Current affairs
Nov 20, 2020

Expert opinion: Trump's farewell greetings jeopardise Iran’s trading activities

WIESBADEN. In his final days in office U.S. President Donald Trump has added fuel to fire in the conflict with Iran. His actions also have an adverse impact on trading activities in the food commodity market. In an Interview the AUDITOR Iran expert Dawood Nazirizadeh highlights what exporters, traders and buyers should expect over the next few months and how Iran views Trump's maximum pressure strategy.
Oct 15, 2020

Credit insurance companies: small and medium-sized businesses rated as ticking time bombs

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. Market players are voicing their frustration as credit insurance companies are cutting credit limits in many cases and are partly refusing to provide insurance. In an interview with the Auditor insurance companies, by contrast, state that assessment criteria have remained unchanged since the pandemic struck.
EU regulations
Sep 3, 2020

Flaxseed: EU discusses controversial limit for hydrocyanic acid

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Talks over the possible introduction of a hydrocyanic acid limit for flaxseed for human consumption are currently underway throughout Europe. The Auditor has contacted the European Commission and a leading flaxseed trader in Belgium to find out more.
Aug 24, 2020

Expert opinion: current events and their impact on global trade

SEEHEIM/SACRAMENTO. In collaboration with the AUDITOR team, US exporter Erik Anderson, CEO of Anderson Exports, reflected on how current events are affecting global trade and the economy. Racism, the problem of nuclear weapons and financial injustice are being discussed.
Jul 9, 2020

Phase One Deal: Europe at a disadvantage

KARLSRUHE. Ever since US President Donal Trump signed the phase one deal with China on 15 January it has been subject to heavy criticism. US agriculture exports to China and the impact on the US soybean market are a matter of fierce debate. Legal expert Darius Schindler, however, draws attention to the potential drawbacks of the deal for third-party countries, especially for Europe.
Jun 24, 2020

"Covid-19 is a wake-up call"

BERLIN. In a local call with the German Agriultural Society's department for Eastern Europe Frank Nordmann explains how the pandemic highlights flaws in the food system. Nordmann is a General Manager for Key Accounts and Sustainable Development at the GRIMME factory for agricltural machinery and Co-Chairman of the German Agribusiness Alliance.
Jun 22, 2020

Pesticides are far less controversial in Eastern Europe

SEEHEIM/FRANKFURT. Food embargoes, Vladimir Putin and different standards, trading with Russia and Eastern Europe is anything but easy for the EU. In an interview with The AUDITOR Dr Olga Hunger, Area Director for Eastern Europe at the German Agricultural Society (DLG e.V), talks about the difficult relationship between the EU, Russia and Eastern Europe, pesticides and the role of online trading platforms.
Import / Export Statistics
May 22, 2020

Flaxseed: buyers in China and in the EU engage in fierce competition

NUR-SULTAN/SEEHEIM. In an interview with the AUDITOR Eugeniy Karabanov, the founder of the Northern Grain group of companies and oilseed expert at the Kazakh Grain Union (, provides a detailed analysis of the global flaxseed market with a focus on the trading activities between Kazakhstan and the EU.
May 18, 2020

When hygiene becomes essential

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. As the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus are being eased throughout Europe caterers and food retailers need to adjust to new hygiene standars. Mundus Agri employee Carsten Megow has worked in food hygiene for twenty-five years. He shares his experiences and opinions.
May 12, 2020

Coronavirus infections in German slaughterhouses serve as the perfect argument against meat consumption

BERLIN. With hundreds of migrant workers testing positive in several slaughterhouses in Germany the situation not only casts doubts on working conditions but has also prompted vegtarians to speak out against meat consumption..
Apr 23, 2020

Ukraine: time to rethink dependency on China

KIEV/SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. For the Ukraine the current situation presents a chance to further enhance trade relations, if there are disruptions in supply chains elsewhere. In an interview with Mundus Agri Sergey Zhaburovskyi, head of the export helpdesk at the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, explains the situaion.
Apr 21, 2020

China: stopover in hotel quarantine

PEKING. After weeks of imposed quarantine, restrictions are gradually being eased in cities in China. Few people, however, want to go further than their own front door or garden. Mundus Agri has talked to trading partners about everyday life.
Apr 15, 2020

Iran: shutdown would push country over the edge

TEHRAN/SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. In an interview with Mundus Agri, Dawood Nazirizadeh shares his experience with and views on the healthcare system in Iran, the impact of Covid-19 on daily life, business and trade as well as Trump and the controversial issue of the US sanctions.
Apr 9, 2020

Almond Board of California: high demand and hardly any export issues

SEEHEIM/SACRAMENTO. Mundus Agri had the chance to talk to Richard Waycott, president and CEO of the Almond Board of California, about the current situation and the impact of the coronavirus on the US almond market.
Apr 8, 2020

Tioga: Spanish almond market loses Easter business

AGUADULCE/SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. In an interview with Mundus Agri, José Luis Balanzá Bosch and Amancio Landín from Tioga answer a few short questions on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the almond market in Spain.
Apr 7, 2020

Pekka Pesonen: we are fighting like hell

BRUSSELS/SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. In an interview with Mundus Agri, Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of Copa and Cogeca, talks about the big issues for European agriculture in the coronavirus crisis including food security, raw material prices and sustainability, hypocrisy and organics.
Apr 6, 2020

Anderson Exports: export disruptions and appreciation for the food business

SEEHEIM/SACRAMENTO. In light of recent events regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Mundus Agri talked to Erik Anderson, CEO of Anderson Exports, discussing notable disruptions in the supply chain and the luck to be working in an essential industry – food.
Apr 2, 2020

Protective measures against Covid-19 - when is an end in sight?

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. Doctors and virologists hear this question over and over again. They are supposed to try to find an answer by means of estimates and mathematical assumptions, and yet they can only give a vague estimate at best. Decisive for the point in time when the corona protection measures can be loosened is the behaviour of the citizens.
Mar 30, 2020

How Mundus Agri maintains internal operations

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. Michael Gütlich, CEO and IT expert of the Dedere Deutschland GmbH, explains which measures are in place to protect Mundus Agri's workforce.
Mar 26, 2020

FoodDrinkEurope: EU must act fast to avoid confusion and delays

BRUSSELS. Unprecedented quarantine measures and travel restriction throughout Europe are prompting concerns over supply chains and the workforce in Europe’s largest manufacturing industry. FoodDrinkEurope is working closely with the EU Commission to adopt fast action. In an interview with Mundus Agri, Will Surman, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, outlines how the industry is holding up to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mar 25, 2020

Food supply chains: Dachser calls for flexibility

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM/KEMPTEN. Reports of long traffic jams at the borders within Europe, particularly at the borders in Poland, shook the market last week. Traders, in addition, reported that suppliers were forced to close on a temporary basis. Although the situation has now improved, the freight forwarders remain concerned.
Mar 25, 2020

Toilet paper: producers are operating at full capacity

FRANKFURT. As panic buying is taking its toll on the supermaket shelves toilet paper has become the new white gold in Europe. For new customers it is basically impossible to purchase toilet papar directly from the manufacturers. Their priority are existing customers.
Mar 23, 2020

This is why the local tax offices should pay subsidies

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. Michael Gütlich, the CEO of the Dedere Deutschland GmbH, explains why it is necessary to distribute financial aid by means of unbureaucratic channels. Fast action is required.
Mar 20, 2020

Coronavirus and home office: lack of digitisation is a big problem

FRANKFURT. Social distancing and home office are the order of the day in times of the corona crisis. Trouble, however, is that many companies are not well-enough equipped for their staff to work from home. Many are, therefore, forced to travel to work.
Mar 17, 2020

Trade: the coronavirus as a force majeure case

SEEHEIM/KARLSRUHE. In an interview with Mundus Agri Professor Darius Schindler outlines the impact of commercial law on the coronavirus crisis. He explains the potential effects the pandemic may have on supply contracts, in how far suppliers may invoke "force majeure" and what exactly managing directors need to pay attention to.
Mar 13, 2020

Stringent measures imposed to maintain supply chains

ROME/VIENNA. All shops in Italy are now closed with the exception of supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies. The agricultural sector and industry are also permitted to operate. Work continues here, but with stringent safety measures in place.
Mar 12, 2020

Oil mills: coronavirus emergency measures hit factories hard

PRAGUE. In illustrating the effects the government's containment policy has on an oil mill in the Czech Republic the challenges the industry as a whole are confronted with become apparent.
Mar 11, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus on the climate

FRANKFURT. The adverse impact of the Covid-19 epidemic is highlighted in the news every day. There is, however, one positive aspect to be considered.