Almonds: slump in US exports

November 15, 2021 11:25 AM, Der AUDITOR
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SACRAMENTO/MADRID. While the US almond export season started with a bang in August with international shipments rising by more than a third over August 2020, things have changed since. Exports have been rather weak for two months in a row now. Prices are also not quite what the market expected.

October exports one third down

In how far the NASS objective estimate over 2.80 billion lbs (1.27 million mt) is accurate will show before the end of the year. As 1.74 billion lbs have been registered so far, around 1 billion lbs are still missing. Although exports started off well in August, shipments have declined in September and October. October exports range 36% lower than one year ago. The US shipped 151,88 million lbs (68,891 mt) of almonds with and without shell overseas in October. Domestic shipments ranged at 65.10 million lbs (29,572 mt), which is 12% down on last year.

Shipments to Europe have declined by more than half, especially to Spain (-54% to 10.15 million lbs or 4,606 mt), Germany (-55% to 5.28 million lbs or 2,394 mt) and Italy (-52% to 4.5 million lbs or 2,040 mt). US exports to Asia and the Middle East have also declined, especially to China and Hong Kong (-14% to 32,12 million lbs or 14,571 mt), India (-31% to 29.16 million lbs or 13,228 mt) and Turkey (-28% to 8.07 million lbs or 3,663 mt). Issue in Turkey is that the depreciation of the lira has rendered hazelnuts more attractive in the domestic market. Total shipments for the season range at 652.07 billion lbs (295,775 mt), which is 15% down on last year. While domestic shipments have declined by 4% on last year, the decline in overseas shipments is more pronounced at 19%. Overseas shipments range at 456.2 million lbs (206,927 mt). This decline is not only driven by the fact that buyers seized on last season’s low prices for supplies and now require less but also because of the impact of the pandemic on logistics.

US almond shipments in 1,000 lbs

















Africa/Middle East




North/South America








ABC, 01/08/2021-31/10/2021

Prices remain low

Although production is expected to range lower than last year, the prices for US almonds have, nevertheless, declined in the US and in Europe in recent weeks. Traders report that although demand is sluggish for almonds, other nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews have become more attractive.




Valencia, 12/14 mm, natural, Spain


Valencia, +14 mm, natural, Spain


California, SSR, 23/25, natural


California, SSR, 23/25, blanched


FCA Spain


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price chart, almonds. natural, +14, Valencia
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