Almonds: unfair prices in Spain

October 6, 2022 at 9:10 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MADRID/SACRAMENTO. While agricultural organisations in Spain are blaming the almond industry of taking advantage of producers as prices are way too low, harvesting has nearly been completed in California. Weather conditions, however, caused some trouble at the end of September.

Farmers well-prepared in California

Temperatures ranged above average in California in September, which prompted farmers to speed up harvesting to be able to irrigate the orchards afterwards. They were also prepared for untimely rain, which caused no damages. As Blue Diamond Almonds, however, report production is rather disappointing this year. Shellers will certainly finish processing the crop in mid-October, months earlier than ususal.

Farmers urged to insist on fair payment in Spain

The agricultural organisation UPA Andalusia has called on olive and almond farmers to invoke the modifications introduced in December to the law for improving the functioning of the food chain as a way to insist on fair payment and ensure that prices exceed production costs. According to UPA many companies fail to consider the rising costs for equipment, labour and diesel as well as energy and refuse to pay producers higher prices when negotiating contracts. The prices for almonds in Spain partially do, in fact, even range lower than last year. Valencia almonds are, for instance, trading at EUR 4.40-4.50/kg (USD 4.36-4.46/kg) FCA Valencia.





Valencia, 12/14 mm, natural, Spain



Valencia, +14 mm, natural, Spain



Nonpareil, Extra no 1, 23/25, natural, USA



Carmel, SSR, 23/25, natural, USA



California, SSR, 23/25, blanched, USA



FCA Spain

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price chart, almonds, natural, +14, Valencia
price chart, almonds, natural 13/14, Largueta
price chart, almonds, blanched, 27/30, California SSR
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