Brazil nuts: Peru records export increase

September 5, 2023 at 9:00 AM , Der AUDITOR
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LIMA. Year-on-year, Peru increased its Brazil nut exports in terms of volume, while the export value is lower than 2022. The industry is facing some serious difficulties.

South Korea is the most important export destination

According to a recent report by Agrodata, Peru shipped a total of nearly 3,146 mt of Brazil nuts worth just over USD 16.47 million overseas in the period January-July 2023. This represents an increase in volume over the corresponding period last year (2,620 mt), but the export value achieved between January and July 2022 was noticeably higher at just under USD 18.85 million. The top export destination for Peruvian Brazil nuts in 2023 has been South Korea, to which Brazil nuts worth USD 5.28 million were shipped, followed by the USA (USD 3.33 million), Finland (USD 1.02 million), Turkey (USD 760,675), the Netherlands (USD 592,561) and Lithuania (USD 592,416 million).

Climate change and deforestation threaten supplies

Meanwhile, the experts at Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit report an alarming shortage of Brazil nuts on the world market, which has led to steadily rising prices in recent years. The effects of climate change are particularly noticeable. Brazil nut trees grow mainly in the Bolivian Amazon; rising temperatures and increased rainfall here mean that the trees produce fewer nuts, and the spread of pests and diseases also reduces yields. In addition, deforestation of the rainforests is drastically reducing the Brazil nut trees' natural habitat. Experts say that this is depriving more and more local producers of their livelihoods. Although more research is being done on better cultivation and harvesting methods, ultimately only the protection of the rainforest and the reforestation with Brazil nut trees can bring long-term success here.

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