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Butter: EU dairy market recovers surprisingly fast

October 1, 2020 2:04 PM, Der AUDITOR
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FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. The EU notes continued large disruptions for the butter market and for other dairy products as recessions will hit, tensions are escalating over Brexit and the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected as US president give rise to concerns.

Subdued trading in Germany

Trading is largely subdued in Germany’s bulk butter market with prices hovering around EUR 3.50/kg EXW at the Butter and Cheese Exchange in Kempten. Although there are enquiries for spot market purchases, producers refuse to issue prices for the first six months in 2021. As the prices for cream are relatively high churning is low.




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Butter: prices drift further apart

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Prices in the international butter market are drifting further apart as the EU and Oceania scramble to keep up with highly competitive US prices. Prices throughout the EU member states also differ widely. Meanwhile, the cold spell in Germany with Arctic temperatures is having implications for the dairy market.
2/11/21, Der AUDITOR
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Butter: January remains strong

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Although export demand is strong, EU butter prices still fail to compete with prices in the US. Average EU butter prices, nevertheless, range 5% lower than last year. Germany has witnessed a recent hike in demand.
1/28/21, Der AUDITOR
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Butter: unusual start to the year

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Although retail demand for butter has compensated for much throughout Europe in recent months, the start to the new year is not quite normal. In Ireland and Germany it is, for instance, reported that milk prices are firmer than usual. Exporters in the UK are, meanwhile, struggling with post-Brexit paperwork.
1/15/21, Der AUDITOR
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Butter: EU prices to become more competitive

FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Market players in Europe are highly excited about recent price developments in New Zealand. Although the run-on supermarkets failed to drive up turnovers in line with expectations, butter is a noted exception in the EU. Global production estimates are highly encouraging for 2020.
12/3/20, Der AUDITOR