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Butter: expensive gamble

May 24, 2022 10:20 AM, Der AUDITOR
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FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Consumers are really confronted with a painful surge in prices as recent data shows. EU butter prices, for instance, soared by more than 70% in April as compared with last year. Dairy farmers are also reeling from high production costs. Although leading processors such as Kerry have stepped up support for farmers, the proposed scheme is a gamble at best.

Kerry could do more

As the war in Ukraine continues and several states are currently involved in seeking ways to ship the new grain crops, which will start to arrive in June, there is not only little hope that millions of people will be saved from hunger but also that the costs for feed, fuel and energy as well as fertilisers will return to more normal levels in the near future. Milk deliveries remain below last year throughout Europe and farmers are confronted with high production costs coupled with a high degree of uncertainty.

This has prompted several pr

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Dairy Products
Apr 26, 2022
FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Consumers have not been deterred by high butter prices in Germany so far after several discounters including Aldi and Lidl raised prices in April. Although average EU butter prices range 70% higher than last year, this has failed to impress exports.
Dairy Products
Apr 4, 2022
FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. No, discount supermarket chain Aldi did not play an April Fools’ trick on Friday by announcing that consumers in Germany will have to pay 30% more for butter. Trouble is that prices for milk and dairy products are skyrocketing, which is not only driven by inflation in general but also by the war in Ukraine. EU feed and energy costs have surged by 15% in the past four weeks as DG Agri and DG Energy report.
Dairy Products
Jan 28, 2022
FRANKFURT/BRUSSELS. Milk deliveries still range below normal levels in France and Germany. Prospects are far from encouraging as energy and feed costs continue to rise. This issue presents a problem for butter manufacturers, especially since international demand is high.