Chickpeas: supply squeeze looms on the horizon

June 5, 2023 at 12:21 PM , Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI/OTTAWA. As the crops range below expectations in India and Mexico, supplies may become squeezed in the international market. Naturally, this will impact the prices for chickpeas. Producers in India can, however, count on some financial support.

Scorching heat to cap supplies

While prices declined in May, the tide has now turned. Traders reckon that international Kabuli Chana supplies may run low very soon. Trouble is that world leading producer Mexico is currently grappling with scorching heat. Estimates state that output will decline by 20-25% and exports may drop to around 70,000 mt. This will in turn boost demand for Indian chickpeas and provide excellent opportunities for exporters. Yet, production has so far remained stagnant at 400,000 mt, thereby falling short of the anticipated 450,000 mt. These pr

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