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Dates: buyers in Kazakhstan profit from cheap prices

July 6, 2020 11:19 AM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Iran nearly shipped 240,000 metric tonnes of dates worth more than USD 211 million to more 85 countries last year (21 March 2019-20 March 2020). Kazakhstan features as top export destination with a surprisingly low export value. Buyers in the EU, however, only play a minor role.

Surprisingly low export value in Kazakhstan

Pakistan ranks as most important export destination for Iran, followed by Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates. Although Kazakhstan imported more dates in terms of volume than the UAE, the export value ranks lower at USD 7,856,700. The UAE, Kazakhstan and Turkey are the top three countries importing Estamaran dates, while the UAE, Malaysia and Bangladesh feature as the top buyers for Piarom dates. Denmark is the only EU member state listed as prominent buyer for dates and ranks as third important export destination for Shahani dates, after India and the UAE. Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Iraq are the most important export destinations for Kabkab dates. Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey are, in addition, major export destinations for other dates and related products.


Iran top 3 date export destinations










United Arab Emirates









Customs data Islamic Republic of Iran, 21/03/2019-20/03/2020


Mazafati dates account for 42% of all exports

Mazafati dates are by far the most popular types of dates in the export market. They account for 42% of total date exports in terms of volume (98,933 mt) and 49% in terms of value (USD 103,636,117). Zahedi dates account for 11.5% in terms of weight (27,482 mt) and 10.5% in terms of value (USD 22,342,607). This type was mainly exported to Pakistan (17,278 mt), Afghanistan (4,560 mt) and Turkey (1,477 mt). Next in line are Shahani dates with 13,982 metric tonnes worth USD 4,634,817 and Estamaran dates at 13,595 metric tonnes worth USD 6,491,084. Kabkab date exports amount to 13,188 metric tonnes worth USD 11,867,014 and Piarom dates to 2,703 metric tonnes worth USD 8,788,359. Other dates and related products account for 29% of exports in terms of weight (69,170 mt) and 25.5% in terms of value (USD 53,884,288).

Prices continue to decline

Encouraging as last year’s export figures are, the start of the new year in Iran on 21 March was largely marked by the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has disrupted exports ever since. Domestic and export demand is very much subdued as buyers mainly prefer to wait for the arrival of the new crop. Coupled with the devaluation of the Iranian rial against other currencies this has prompted a further decline in prices of EUR 0.07-0.10 per kg over the last two weeks.

Mazafati dates, Iran



Grade A


Grade B


Premium quality


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*Please note that the prices indicated here apply to an order volume of 1 metric tonne. Prices may range lower for higher volumes.

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