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Dates: shifts in production

September 13, 2021 8:19 PM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Date production is estimated at 230,000 mt in Khuzestan Province this year. Exports of high-quality dates are expected to climb by 5,000 mt on last year to 85,000 mt. Khuzestan is, in fact, Iran’s most important province when it comes to exports. Drought is, however, a challenge.

Production is shifting

Khuzestan ranks second in terms of production. Palm groves are cultivated on 42,400 ha, of which 36,700 ha are fertile. Around 40,000 mt of unripe dried dates and fresh dates have been harvested and sent to the market since 1 September. Harvesting will continue through until November. Of the anticipated production of 235,000 mt as much as 55,000 mt will comprise unripe dried dates and fresh dates. While 80,000 mt of production will be consumed and processed locally, 155,000 mt will be distributed within and without Iran. Around 85,000 mt of th

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