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Dates: supply demand imbalance

September 24, 2021 9:03 AM, Der AUDITOR
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BANDAR BUSHEHR. Date harvesting started around 10 days early in some parts of Iran’s Bushehr Province due to hot weather. Exports form the province are expected to climb to 30,000 mt this year, despite economic problems and difficulties with Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are, however, less encouraging on the national level as the balance between supply and demand has been disrupted.

Exports to rise in 2021/2022

Date production is expected to range at 126,000 mt in Bushehr this year. Although harvesting started early in some counties, drought, pests and summer rains did cause some damage. The government has seen no need to step in and purchase dates in recent years. A further 8,000 mt will be harvested as unripe dates and 30,000 mt as fresh dates. Around 20,000 mt of resh and unripe dates have arrived so far. Dashtestan, Tangestan and Jam and Dashti counties are the production hotspots for dates in the province, where Zahedi and Kabkab varieties

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