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Dried apricots: harvest is in full swing

July 7, 2020 10:57 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MALATYA. Market players report that the harvest in Malatya has reached its peak, while almost all processing plants are currently closed. The focus is set on the new crop.

The rumour mill is bubbling

While the harvest in the Malatya plain is currently progressing well, the harvesting process in the higher areas will only begin later. The rumours about the quality of the new crop are currently running wild and range from extremely bad to mediocre to above average. Some market players fear that Turkey could lose market share if not enough good quality products are available. However, its status as the world's leading exporter of dried apricots should not be jeopardised.

Prices for the new crop are not yet known, but could be published within the next few days, even if some exporters would prefer to postpone price indications until the end of July. However, it is expected that they will not differ much from current prices. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a concern for traders, and its development remains difficult to predict. There are also rumours that the TMO will buy 10,000 metric tonnes of dried apricots to stimulate the market and support producers.

Dried apricots, Turkey




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FOB Mersin, 2000 ppm

High increase in exports of fresh apricots

Turkey exported 995 metric tonnes of dried apricots and apricot products last week, compared to 1,126 metric tonnes in the same week last year. Total exports since the beginning of the season amounted to 93,152 metric tonnes, compared to 95,923 metric tonnes in the same period last season. Last year 13,000 metric tonnes of fresh apricots were exported, this year market players expect an increase of about 50%. This means that about 3.250 metric tonnes less dried apricots can be produced.

Dried apricot exports in mt
















since the start of the season

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