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Dried cranberries: low yields and good quality

December 14, 2022 at 4:50 PM, Der AUDITOR
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MADISON. The drought in the North American growing regions has caused yields to be smaller than hoped for in the most important growing state Wisconsin. Meanwhile, above-average quality is being reported from Québec, Canada.

Prices reach record high

As Chelmer Foods reports, there have been considerable price fluctuations on the cranberry market in recent months, with some prices for dried cranberries even reaching new record highs. Many North American growing regions report lower yields, including the most important producing state Wisconsin. Combined with relatively high demand, this has driven prices up. This also applies to the popular cranberry juices and juice concentrates.

Very good quality

In addition to Wisconsin, British Columbia and other growing regions in the western USA are also affected by the unexpectedly small yields. The initial situation was promising, but later, according to Chelmer Foods, the berries did not develop sufficiently. This was probably mainly due to the high heat and drought, which is very unusual in the temperate regions. In Québec, Canada, the quality was reported to be exceptionally good; here, the climatic conditions were favourable. However, it should also be noted that organic farmers are increasingly resorting to conventional farming methods, which are much less demanding.

Yields smaller than hoped for

The forecasts of the Cranberry Marketing Committee at the beginning of the season did not materialise. At that time, a crop volume of about 376,482 mt fresh cranberries was expected, whereas the actual volume is likely to be 340,194 mt. The supplies in the USA are therefore unlikely to be sufficient to meet demand, Chelmer Foods estimates, and Canadian goods will increase in importance.

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