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Dried figs: 2020 hard facts and figures

August 17, 2020 at 8:44 AM, Der AUDITOR
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The most important data provided in a clearly structured Excel file containing production volumes, import and export data and price observations.

View an exclusive Excel file:
-Global production data for the individual producing countries (2016/2017-2020/2021)
- Import and export data for Germany (2017-2019)
-EU import and export data (2017-2019)
-2015-2020 weekly price observations for figs, dried, Lerida no. 2 (>240 prices)
-2015-2020 weekly price observations for figs, dried, Lerida no 4 (>240 prices)


The purchase of this data package does not entitle the user to disseminate the information in any form whatsoever. The data may only be used inter

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Dried Fruit
Nov 29, 2022
AYDIN. Shortly before the turn of the year, prices for Turkish dried figs are holding their level. However, this could change soon. Exports are at a similar level as last year.
Dried Fruit
Nov 29, 2022
MANISA. Exports pick up noticeably at the end of the year. Meanwhile, market players are speculating about whether the TMO will continue to accept sultana deliveries in the new year. There are probably only few capacities left.
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Nov 29, 2022
MALATYA. The apricot market in Turkey is currently extremely quiet and there is hardly any trading taking place. Exports are also running slower than usual. This situation is expected to continue for the rest of the year.
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Nov 23, 2022
MANISA. While the 62nd International Dried Grape Conference held online on 3 November showed that global sultana and raisin production will decline by 4.5% in the Northern Hemisphere and by 3.5% in the Southern Hemisphere, exporters in Turkey are working at full capacity to complete their orders before Christmas. Shipments are, however, falling short of expectations.