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Dried figs: 42,000 mt harvested in Fars Province

November 18, 2021 at 8:39 AM , Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Fars Province is Iran’s main production hub for figs. Summer rains and rot have, however, reduced this year’s production. Iran’s exports have, nevertheless, performed well in October. Shipments to China even account for as much as 81% of exports.

Surge in export demand

As local agricultural organisations report 42,000 mt of figs were harvested on 40,440 ha in Fars Province this year. Rains in summer and rot adversely impacted production. As much as 90% of Iran’s fig exports stem from the province. Iran exported 2,000 mt of dried figs worth USD 6 million in October (23 September to 22 October), which is 4% up on the volume of 1,930 mt exported in October last year. The export value ranges 5% higher than the USD 5.720 million generated last year. Monthly overseas shipments have also climbed by 16% on the

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