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Dried figs: exporters in Iran desperately try to compete

June 22, 2020 at 1:25 PM, Der AUDITOR
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ESTAHBAN. The pollination of the fig trees is underway in Iran and the outlook is highly encouraging in terms if production. Market players are, however, concerned over Iran’s export performance.


Pollination underway

Official estimates state that Iran’s fig production is to exceed 104,000 metric tonnes. Pollination is underway and will last until the first half of July. Favourable weather conditions and rains have prompted the market to reckon with a fresh fig production of 20,000 metric tonnes in Esthaban in the Fars Province alone, which is the most important region for dried fig production. Farmers here very much rely on caprifig trees, which produce male and female flowers.

Export performance could be better

Although prospects are highly encouraging, traders nevertheless call attention to the fact that if Iran is to improve performance in terms of exports marketing needs to be much more professional. Iran exported around 13,600 metric tonnes of figs worth USD 47 million last year. Prices have declined by EUR 0.17-0.26 per kg over the last two weeks, which is mainly attributed to the decline in value of the Iranian rial. Cheaper offers are available for large order volumes exceeding 1 metric tonne. This development has given rise to hopes that Iran is in a better position to compete with Turkey. Although the weather conditions here have prompted a nominal rise in prices last week, they still range lower than in Iran.

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