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Dried figs: exporters refrain from speculation

July 7, 2020 at 4:11 PM, Der AUDITOR
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AYDIN. Dried figs from Turkey are offered with significant price differences for spot purchases depending on the supplier. Meanwhile the fig harvest for the fresh fig market has begun.

Fresh fig harvest has begun

In Bursa, farmers have started harvesting fresh figs, but it will be a few weeks before dried fig production in Aydin begins. Harvesting should begin in mid-August and the drying period should be completed by mid-September, so that the export season can start around the first week of October at the latest. Exporters still refrain from making offers for the new crop. The volatile weather does not provide a good basis for speculation, so market players do not expect prices and updated crop estimates until late July.

Massive price differences

Prices for prompt shipments continue to diverge widely and the export season is coming to an end. Last week, 656 metric tonnes of dried figs and dried fig products were shipped overseas. In total, exports since the beginning of the season have reached 62,100 metric tonnes, which is about 9,000 metric tonnes more than last year.

Dried figs, Turkey




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