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Dried figs: harvest will start soon

July 28, 2020 12:41 PM, Der AUDITOR
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AYDIN. The Turkish fig crop is currently developing well. In the meantime, dates for the first exports of fresh figs and the start of dried fruit production have been announced.

New prices in August

Exports of fresh figs should be able to start from 31 July. Meanwhile, the figs for dried fruit production are developing well, although too high temperatures could impair growth. Market players currently reckon that dried fig production will start on 20 August. The weather during the drying phase is still particularly decisive for the final production result, which is why price indications for the new crop are also not expected until the second half of August.

Export values can convince

Spot prices remain unchanged and are in a wide price range of USD 4,400-5,160 per metric tonne FOB Izmir for Lerida, no 2. At 600 metric tonnes, weekly exports were recently around a fifth higher than in the same week last year, and the total export volume since the beginning of the season is 63,791 metric tonnes (+17%).

Dried figs, Turkey



Lerida, no 1


Lerida, No 2


Lerida, No 3


Lerida, No 4


FOB Izmir

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price chart, dried figs, Lerida no 4, Turkey
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