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Dried figs: high hopes

March 4, 2022 at 10:55 AM , Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Iran produces 96,274 mt of fresh figs on 60,250 ha. Fars province accounts for more than 85% of the area in which Iran’s figs are cultivated, this is also where most dried figs are produced. The market is closely following the talks over a possible revival of the nuclear deal as this directly impacts prices.

Great difference in yields

Although the total cultivation area spans 51,260 ha, it only comprises 41,190 ha fertile land in Fars Province. And yet, the province stands out because as much as 91.7% of the figs produced here are rainfed, whereas only 13.1% require irrigation. Yields between these two varieties differ considerably with yields only ranging at 0.97 mt/ha for rainfed figs and at a much higher 4.5 mt/ha for irrigated figs.

Lorestan province may be the second most important producer after Fars province but only accounts for 19.1% or 18,392 mt of Ira

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