Dried Fruit

Dried figs: hope for rain in spring

April 12, 2022 at 4:47 PM , Der AUDITOR
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AYDIN. So far, the weather conditions in the fig-growing areas are more favourable than last year and the producers are hoping for sufficient rainfall in spring. They are, however, concerned about the drastic drop in temperature.

Danger of frost on the Aegean Sea

For the development of the figs, sufficient rainfall is of particular importance in the coming months. So far this year, in contrast to last year, there has been sufficient rainfall and it looks as if spring could also offer good conditions with warm temperatures and rain showers. However, growers are concerned about the rapid drop in temperature of over 10 degrees at the beginning of the week, and even frost is possible in the Aegean region next week. This is especially dangerous for the fig trees that have already opened thei

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Dried Fruit
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