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Dried figs: Iraqi Kurds suspend imports from Iran

June 10, 2020 11:36 AM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq has imposed a seasonal ban on dried figs from Iran in a bid to support domestic production. Market players in Iran state that the decision comes as a blow to the market.

Close trade ties

The autonomous region is a close trading partner for Iran’s dried fig market. Trade relations have grown in recent years since the region borders directly with Iran and provides short routes and low transportation costs along with close historical and cultural ties. Exports from Iran will now have to run over the recently reopened southern borders, such as Shalamcheh and Chazabeh, and will reach the region with delays and at higher costs. Iraq’s central government has frequently released seasonal restrictions on imports from Iran over the last few years. In practice these restrictions have, however, been modified. Hope is that the current ban with be lifted or changed if the region’s production or supply declines or the government forecasts fail to materialise.

Stable prices

The suspension, nevertheless, comes at a difficult time since Iraq and Iran are working closely together in reopening borders for trade, while limiting the spread of the coronavirus by following strict health protocols. The virus is expected to continue to spread this year. Since supply and demand are currently well matched, the export prices have remained stable in Iran over the last two weeks.


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