Dried Fruit

Dried figs: lack of rain only has limited impact

September 6, 2021 8:22 AM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. Fig harvesting and the production of dried figs are well underway in Iran. The figs produced in Galugah in Mazandaran province are of particular interest as no fertilizers or poison are used to grow the fruits here. Harvesting will be continue until early October in some parts of the country and exports are underway to Russia.

Drought is not really an issue

Agricultural organisations estimate that that more than 1,000 mt of figs will be harvested in Galugah, where harvesting and dried fig production started in early August. The figs produced here are mainly organic as no poison or fertilizers are used. White figs, Zafarani figs and black figs are the most important varieties grown Galugah. Harvesting also started in early August and will continue through to late September in Tarom county in the Zanjan province. Fortunately, drought has not had much of an impact here and around 780 mt of f

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Dried Fruit
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