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Dried figs: price gap of USD 1,000 per metric tonne

June 23, 2020 2:09 PM, Der AUDITOR
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AYDIN. Fig harvesting will start in two months' time in Turkey. Yields still are a matter of uncertainty.

Discouraging outlook

In 2019, Turkey produced above average volumes of dried figs of nearly 90,000 metric tonnes. The outlook for this year is, however, much gloomier. After the first pollination attempt failed due to unusually low temperatures that fell short of the required 35-38C the producers are now trying again. In how far these efforts will prove successful will, however, only show in mid-July. Harvesting normally takes place from mid-August till mid-September. The adverse weather conditions may, however, delay the start of the harvest.

Bizarre differences in price

Suppliers are still a long way from issuing prices for the new crop and spot market prices differ widely by as much as USD 1,000 per metric tonne, depending on availability. Lerida, no 2 dried figs are, for instance, trading in a range of USD 4,210-4,940 per metric tonne FOB Izmir. At 660 metric tonnes the weekly export volume are only ranges nominally below last year's volumes. Turkey has shipped a total of 60,860 metric tonnes of dried figs and dried fig products overseas since the start of the season, above 9,000 metric tonnes more than this time last year.

Dried figs, Turkey




Lerida, no 1



Lerida, no 2



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FOB Izmir

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