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Dried figs: prices are simply too high

June 11, 2021 12:09 PM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. After disaster struck last year when the pandemic brought trading to a near standstill dried fig exports have bounced back in Iran. Traders are, however, not quite satisfied. Issue is that prices are simply too high. The Ministry of Agriculture has also issued new production data.

Production exceeds 96,000 mt

Recently released Ministry data shows that figs are cultivated on 60,250 ha, of which, however, only 48,651 ha are fertile. Total fig production reached 96,274 mt. Fars province accounts for as much as 47% of production and 85% of the area under cultivation as production ranges at 45,565 mt and cultivation spans an area of 51,260 ha. Lorestan province ranks second in terms of production. Fig production ranges at 18,392 mt and the area under cultivation is much smaller at 1,367 ha.

April exports multiply

Iran exported 548 mt of dried figs worth USD 1.728 million between 20 March and 20 April. Average export prices ranged at USD 2.96/kg. Although exports have risen sharply on the 76 mt worth USD 227,000 exported in the same period in 2020, it should be noted that this is mainly attributed to the pandemic. The restrictions in place last year coupled with the closure of borders basically brought trading to a standstill. Export have now certainly bounced back, which shows that the solutions in place to deal with the pandemic are working for the market.

Traders are, however, not quite happy with demand for AAA grade dried figs. Too high prices have put off buyers and have prompted a sharp decline over EUR 0.24/kg in the past two weeks. A and AA grade dried figs are, however, trading firm.

Dried figs, Iran



Grade A


Grade AA


Grade AAA


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*Please note that the prices indicated here refer to an order volume of 1 mt. Prices may range lower for higher volumes.


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